May Photography Group Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 a.m. on 14th May with the theme ‘Technology’.

5 people attended as John Clark had not completed his paper round! Most were back to rude health.

Overall best picture was Pam Liberson’s ‘Mobile Home Dashboard’ which featured a Satnav and rear camera (amongst other automobile technology.

The June theme is ‘Landscapes’. John Hawke encouraged members to discuss options for the theme. Members confirmed the broadness of the theme By including city landscapes. Most of the discussion centred on composition tips and tricks including ‘Rule of Thirds’, adding depth of field to a two-dimensional image, and using available light to enhance features such as clouds and shadows.


In response to Pam Liberson’s problems with a malfunctioning 5 years old Windows PC, John Hawke advised to do two things.

  1. Go into File Explorer and highlight the C Drive – right click to get the drop down menu – highlight ‘Properties’ to see how much space is left. If space is almost used up, he advised to download as much as possible to her external hard disk drive.  Once completed, recheck ‘Properties’!
  2. Reset Windows using the option ‘Retain files and programs’. For the necessary steps to do this he advised to Google for ‘Reset Windows’ where there will be several ‘idiot guides’ that will give a step by step guide.
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