November Photogroup Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 13th November with the theme ‘Nostalgia’.

Only 5 people attended with Anjie Sargeant on holiday.

Member’s responses to the theme were wide ranging as would be expected. Overall best picture was John Hawke’s ‘Fairground at Beamish Museum’.

Members were encouraged to explain why their photographs evoked nostalgic memories. Mike Liberson’s Mars Bar picture prompted laments about its marked reduction in size (as well as the plate size of the original Wagon Wheels!) We also found out that John Clarks photo was his first cot toy – exposing its age as ’74 and a half’.  Pam Liberson’s photo of a nursing chair is a treasured heirloom – the tapestry was done by her great grandmother and the carving done by her grandmother (or the other way round – she could not remember).

December’s theme is ‘Twilight/Night Photography’. The group have organised a photoshoot on 24th November to visit the Winchester Christmas Fair to take at least two pictures for the December folios. We meet up at 15:50 to give us some ‘twilight time’.