Election of Committee and Officers

Election of Committee and Officers


  1. Officers for the year 2023/24 have proposers and seconders as shown. Members will be asked to approve, by show of hands, Jean Saunders as Secretary. We still need a  Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer to be proposed and seconded.


Current Proposed Proposer Seconder
Chair Carole Leonard TBC    
Vice Chair Barbie Morrey-Stone TBC    
Treasurer David Weston TBC    
Secretary Jean Saunders Jean Saunders Lynda Stockings Barbie Morrey-Stone


  1. Members will be asked to approve the current committee members for a further year. Confirmation will be by show of hands.


  Current From AGM 2023
Member Tessa Cross Tessa Cross
Member Jan Bentley Jan Bentley
Member Di Burrows Di Burrows
Member Wilson Carson Wilson Carson
Member Anne Bray Anne Bray
Member Lynda Stockings Lynda Stockings


Visit to Mottisfont House near Romsey

Eleven Art group members joined this engaging event, on 11 April 2023.

Our original plan was to visit the special exhibition of Norman Thelwell’s artwork in the morning, then to sketch in the Mottisfont garden after lunch. With a forecast of rain in the afternoon, we changed the plan.

On arrival, we took up positions in various parts of the garden and began sketching with pens, pencils and charcoal. We then met for lunch and progressed into the house to view the exhibition.

The Norman Thelwell exhibition was on two levels in Mottisfont House. The top floor housed Thelwell’s early work and the lower floor many of his original published cartoon works.
The early work exhibited included a self-portrait done at school when aged 11. On the top of this pencil drawing his teacher had marked in red pen a tick and ‘V/G!’ – his talent had been recognised at an early age.

During his time in the army during World War II, Thelwell developed his painting skills with wonderful watercolour studies of the people he was with and the places he visited. For all of us who were aware only of Thelwell’s cartoon skills, this part of his work was a revelation and a recognition of a very great talent.

The second part of the exhibition housed many of his original published cartoon works and reflected his long association with the magazine Punch. In addition to the political cartoons there were many jolly scenes involving country life, with very fat ponies and their Pony Club riders’ exploits!

The promised afternoon rain began: most visitors had headed for home, so we had an almost empty gallery to ourselves and were able to spend time up close to the work on display, all of which was greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Website: National Trust – Mottisfont

    with thanks to Jane Leishman for organising this event and for the write-up!

Photography Group May Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 10th May with the theme ‘Time’.

Teresa Twitchell sent her apologies and had handed her folio to Rosemary Crumplin for viewing on the day.

Members’ responses deviated from clocks in some insightful and quirky ways. Overall best picture was John Clark’s ‘Reg Presley’s Blue Plaque’. John’s was the best folio with pictures varying from a station clock, a train departure/arrivals board and a pillar box label as well as the star picture.

        Reg Presley Blue Plaque

John Hawke asked whether members had any candidates for a new picture for the members’ login page. Rosemary Crumplin used her laptop to open the web site and relevant login page with a picture of St Mary’s Church, Andover used as an interim. Members could see that the ‘cartouche’ for logging in was at the centre of the page which made the composition of the background critical. Several pictures were reviewed and some forwarded to John Hawke for editing and forwarding on.

June’s theme is ‘Wildlife and nature’ which provoked much discussion as to suitable subject matter  – not just birds and animals but insects as well.