Photography December Meeting

Bottle Glow – Best Picture

The Group met at 10:00 on 13th December with the theme ‘Low level light photography’. Of the six portfolios, Theresa Twitchell submitted the best set of four and Rosemary Crumplin’s photograph of a effectively lit bottle was voted Best Picture.

The group returned to the discussion on post-processing editing. The Liberson’s showed some photographs where increased brightness gave prints which were much closer to the on-screen pictures – it also served to give a visually enhanced depth of field (more ‘punch’!)

Rosemary confessed that she took several pictures of the bottle at various angles and camera settings but did not know what settings were used for the best picture. John Hawke showed her how to change the ‘View’ in File Explorer from ‘Thumbnail’ to ‘Details’ – this gave all the camera settings for any picture (EXIF data).

Part of Rosemary’s portfolio was a fireworks display. The difficulties in taking such pictures were discussed and was complemented by Theresa showing an excellent photograph of a display taken at a very short shutter speed – this froze the action and generated a perfectly black background.

Theme for next meeting is ‘Christmas’.