Photography November 2022 Meeting

Joint Best Pictures [Click image to enlarge]

Curlew and Redshank — John Hawke

Garden Scene — Teresa Twitchell

The Group met at 10:15 on 14th November with the theme ‘Little and Large Mix’. Unfortunately our new member Lesley Wickham was too unwell to attend.
It was again interesting to see how members interpreted the theme. The penalty of having a small group with an even number led to a Joint Best Picture vote – new members please!

The next theme is ‘Portraits’. John Hawke recommended that members Google to get ideas on how to make portraits ‘pop’ – including how to avoid posing ‘mistakes, use of bokeh (blurred backgrounds to achieve a 3D quality to the subject), the importance of lighting … he also asked for at least one full profile human portrait in the four picture portfolio.