Photography Group August Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 14th August with the theme ‘Shadows’.

Anjie Sargeant and Teresa Twitchell sent their apologies. Only 5 people attended.

Member’s responses to the theme were mainly exterior pictures. Overall best pictures were John Hawke’s ‘Alium’  and Rosemary Crumplin’s ‘Ghostly Lady’ – a tied result because of low attendance numbers!

                                  Ghostly Lady – Rosemary Franklin


                              Alium – John Hawke

September’s theme is ‘Black and White’.

John Hawke gave some advice on camera settings on a subject that could produce very bland results. Discussing the exposure triangle, he emphasised various settings to make the photo ‘pop’ – mainly by using a wide aperture (low f-stop) to bring out the subject against a blurred background. He also suggested that the theme was best suited to simple shots. Landscapes were best avoided unless one could accentuate shadows to enhance the ‘mood’ of the picture. He suggested that the menu be set for monochrome – this has the advantage that the screen would also be monochrome and the aperture/speed changes would more accurately reflect the final result. Finally he suggested that, with the camera set on ‘Manual’, it would let the photographer to get the depth of field and contrast required.