Our next mahjong game will be on the first Wednesday of April, 5th, at 2pm

Do come along and join us. We are a happy band who meet for an cuppa and enjoy playing the Chinese game of mahjong, as opposed to the European version.  We have up to two tables of four players on the go, but can expand to three tables fairly easily.

for further information please contact Leslie on 07939802604– Email via the CONTACT page

Photography Group March Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 13th March with the theme ‘Hobbies’.

We welcomed a new member – Anjie Sargeant. Lesley Wickham sent her apologies.

Overall best picture was Mike Liberson’s ‘Swan Taking Off’

Member’s responses were varied and well photographed.

Rosemary Crumplin submitted two pictures and asked how they could be improved. It was agreed that the exposure was correct but advice was given regarding the composition of both pictures. This naturally led to discussing the next theme – ‘Minimalism’. John Hawke expanded the breadth of the subject. Minimalist pictures have one subject highlighted in a neutral background. Emphasis should be placed on composing the picture using negative space e.g. a solitary tree in a landscape using the ‘rule of thirds’ to position the tree. After the meeting John Hawke e-mailed a link to a website that gave good examples of minimalist pictures.