This trip was planned months ago and everyone’s digits were crossed that the weather would be fine and thankfully, we had a lovely day on the South Coast soaking up the sun in the low 20’s.  Some decided that the sun was too much for them so headed for the retail shopping experience, others had packed buckets, spades and swimming costumes (I’m joking!) as there was no evidence of sand or wet towels on the minibus as we made our way home.

Robert Kemp comes in for a special mention here as we were collected at the allotted hour at Wickes and despite a few roadworks on the way, managed to deposit us close to the expected time on the seafront in Weymouth.  The “special” bit is due to the fact that he got us back 10 minutes before we were due.  As he took time off to do his own thing over lunch, he had asked another coach driver if he knew an alternative route out of town bypassing the road works so we took the scenic route.

On board, Liz dished out some sweets and there was a quiz on the return leg which tested the general knowledge of the passengers – oh dear!

This is a photo of the sandcastle display on the beach front and it is changed every year.

This is a photo of Queen Victoria’s statue erected in 1887, once again on the esplanade.

The next photo is NOT an advertisement for a particular brand which was the subject of a previous Questers’ visit, other ciders are available!  And at £5.00 a bottle, I’m not surprised!

All in all and has been said before by someone else, it was A Grand Day Out!  

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Pete Duncan

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