Questers’ Visit to Brookland Museum

Questers with Michael Sands

Napier Railton Special lap record holder 1935 (143.44 mph)

On Thursday 28 July 2022, a group of 13 Questers undertook a visit to the Brooklands Museum near Weybridge. This is a museum of motoring and aviation history of Britain. “Brooklands was the cradle of British innovation and endeavour in the worlds of motorsport and aviation. Today Brooklands Museum celebrates the passion, bravery and inventiveness of the men and women who designed, built, raced and flew machines like those in our Collection, on this historic site, throughout the twentieth century.”
Transportation to the museum was provided by a minibus hired from Unity in Andover, arranged and ably driven by Robert Kemp. We had 12 Questers as well as our very able and willing Quester, Robert as driver.

Brouch Superior 1953 motor-cycle and sidecar insured for £150,000

Vickers Vimy (1919) and Harrier jump jet (1969) Daily Mail Winners

After a warm welcome by two of the reception staff and being very ably helped with check in, members viewed a short introductory video show about the history and content of the museum. Next on the agenda was a short period for refreshments after the 1 ¼ hour journey which was most welcome.
We then met up with our volunteer guide, Michael Sands who would lead us on a 1-hour tour of the primary exhibits of the museum. Michael proved to be an outstanding guide who presented us with so much more information than we would otherwise have gleaned on our own. He was also wonderfully entertaining and amusing in his presentation style. Michael and the Questers so enjoyed the tour and had so many questions and answers during the tour that it lasted for just over 1 ½ hours. A wonderfully enjoyable and informative experience.
Most of the Questers then had an enjoyable light lunch at the Sunbeam Café on site. The food was good and plentiful and all staff were friendly and helpful.

After lunch Questers were free to re-visit any of the exhibits, halls or hangers that had caught their attention during the tour or to explore the few other parts of the museum that had not been visited.
It was an amazing experience to see actual motor cars, motor-cycles and aircraft directly associated with Brooklands and which had played a major role in the evolution of motoring and aviation in Britain over the last century and a quarter. Examples being the 24 litre, 12 cylinder, W engine Napier-Railton Special which holds the Brooklands track record of over 143 mph set in 1935, the Vickers Vimy which won the Daily Mail non-stop trans-Atlantic flight competition in 15 hours 57 minutes in 1919, the Harrier jump-jet which was used by the winner of the Daily Mail London Post Office Tower to Empire State building in New York record in 5 hours 57 minutes just 50 years later in 1969. And there were so many more fantastic exhibits to explore.
All those Questers who were on the outing, including the many ladies, were thrilled with the experience and felt it had been a most enjoyable outing which had been well worth while to participate in. Another successful Questers outing.

Cecil Rose

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