Questers’ Visit to Southampton

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On 21st October, ​14 Questers met on a bright late autumn day at the Tudor house in Southampton. Our guide, a knowledgeable historian, led us a fascinating 1.1/2 hour walk around the Old Town. Originating in Roman times and much expanded by the Normans, Southampton became an important gateway for commerce. Most of the produce in medieval England was the export of wool to the continent and its re-import as clothing and the import of wine.

We visited two of the existing wine vaults, one under a modern block of flats, our guide pointed out a small exit tunnel at the back of the vaults which was excavated during the 2nd world war as an escape when the vaults were used as air raid shelters.

The Old Town walls enclosed medieval Southampton and much of the land to the South including West Quay and the docks was reclaimed over the centuries. We learned the history of several more old buildings before ending with a walk around the Tudor house and the 800 year old garden.

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