Photography Group’s September Meeting

Best Picture, “Steamer” by John Clark

The Group met at 9:30 on 13th September with the theme ‘Transport’. Of the four portfolios submitted, Rosemary Crumplin was adjudged best set of four and John Clark’s photograph of a steamboat was voted Beat Picture. We welcomed a new member, Teresa Twitchell, and she had brought along her camera at the Group Leader’s request.

Apparently the camera, an Olympus OMD-10 Mk III, had been bought some time ago but had been little used because it was too confusing – not helped by a 5 page ‘manual’ that was not very comprehensive! The Group Leader described some of the key features of the camera with suggestions on how to use it.

This prompted a lot of discussion about settings for cameras for different scenarios.(After the meeting the Group Leader e-mailed links to a helpful review of the camera features as well as a link to download a full manual).

It transpired that there was no time for the discussion on Landscape Photography – this was deferred to the next meeting.
Theme for next meeting is ‘Documentary’. Future themes are on the Group’s web site.
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