Photography Group’s October Meeting

Best Picture – Pam Liberson’s “Memorial Bench”

The Group met at 10 a.m. on 11th October with the theme ‘Documentary’.
Rosemary Crumplin and John Clark had recently returned from a cruise of Coastal Spain to find that they had computer/printer problems – we viewed their portfolios (Hidden Andover/RAF Andover) in camera.
​Of the two portfolios submitted, John Hawke was adjudged best set of four ‘Cooking Saltimbocca’ and Pam Liberson’s photograph of a WWII memorial bench was voted Beat Picture. (Click picture to zoom)

John Hawke led a discussion on Landscape Photography with an emphasis on composing the picture by analysing what was the focus of one’s attention that made one want to take a picture in the first place. He also pointed out that one had time to compose the shot and encouraged those present to take a minute to determine the focal point one wanted to highlight. He then suggested that, by moving around, (from side to side as well as forwards and backwards) capture the ‘best shot’ by including objects that led the eye to that focal point. During a lively discussion, various techniques were described including optimal aperture/speed settings, focus stacking and multiple exposure blending. (to ‘remove’ moving people from the scene)

Theme for next meeting is ‘Autumn’ – the above discussion is relevant for this topic! Future themes are on the Group’s web site.

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