Photography Group’s July Meeting

Best Picture “Mick”

The Group met at 10:15 on 11th July with 6 present. The theme was ‘Quintessentially English’. The resulting photographs were broad in range from a village cricket match via steam trains to old buildings. Best picture was by Pam Liberson of her friend Mick – a prime example of a country gentleman.(Click/tap the picture to enlarge it).
Theresa Twitchell’s photographs were voted as Best Portfolio.

Theresa Twitchell spoke, initially, about portraits she had taken recently of her grandchildren emphasising the need to vary the angle, shoot from below (and above) and be aware of the serendipity of ‘catching the moment’ illustrated by a capture of a furtive/cheeky look from the grand-daughter taken from above at just the right angle. Subsequent discussion prompted her to show some more photographs with some descriptions of how the photographs were taken – concluding with her favourite photograph of a rose, lightly sprayed with water using a black board as a background. This made the rose ‘pop’. It was interesting to view the varied preferences for the photographs that showed the differences in personal tastes!

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