Photography Group May Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 10th May with the theme ‘Time’.

Teresa Twitchell sent her apologies and had handed her folio to Rosemary Crumplin for viewing on the day.

Members’ responses deviated from clocks in some insightful and quirky ways. Overall best picture was John Clark’s ‘Reg Presley’s Blue Plaque’. John’s was the best folio with pictures varying from a station clock, a train departure/arrivals board and a pillar box label as well as the star picture.

        Reg Presley Blue Plaque

John Hawke asked whether members had any candidates for a new picture for the members’ login page. Rosemary Crumplin used her laptop to open the web site and relevant login page with a picture of St Mary’s Church, Andover used as an interim. Members could see that the ‘cartouche’ for logging in was at the centre of the page which made the composition of the background critical. Several pictures were reviewed and some forwarded to John Hawke for editing and forwarding on.

June’s theme is ‘Wildlife and nature’ which provoked much discussion as to suitable subject matter  – not just birds and animals but insects as well.

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