Photography Group January 2024 Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 8th January with the theme ‘Close Up’.

All 6 people attended.

Rosemary Franklin and John Clark did not submit a folio – for various reasons, they had a very busy December.

The theme gave members a great opportunity to play with the Macro settings (or Macro Lenses) on their cameras.

Overall best picture was Anjie Sargeant’s ‘Pussy Willow’ – again the overall standard of the folios was very high (see Group Web page for individual samples).

February’s theme is ‘Mood/Atmosphere’.

There was some discussion about further theme topics and John Hawke emphasised that members should look for photo opportunities during the next 6 months to fulfil future topics – noting, in particular, May’s theme ‘Bleak Open Spaces’ best taken in the Winter months.

Rosemary Crumplin reminded members that folios should only contain 1 archive photo to encourage people to submit new content – in response to the discussion that followed, John Hawke stated that the new content covered the period of all future themes.

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