Photography Group February Meeting

Bramble: Mike Liberson (Best Picture)

The January meeting was cancelled because most of the members were ill – a two people meeting was not considered worthwhile! The ‘Nature’ theme was put back until June.

The Group met at 10:15 on 13th February with the theme ‘Plant’.
Most members interpreted the theme as a mixture of flora and industrial hardware/facilities. Overall best picture was Mike Liberson’s ‘Bramble’.
(Click on picture to enlarge it)

John Hawke prompted discussion on the exposure triangle – the effects of changing aperture, speed, and ISO settings. Several examples were given with ‘best’ settings for each including wildlife photography, sports, low light scenes, and landscapes

Photography Groups December Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 12th December with the theme ‘Portraits’.

It was again interesting to see how members interpreted the theme. All individual winners placed the emphasis on characterful faces with very few full length pictures in the mix.

Our host, Teresa Twitchell, exemplified the Christmas spirit by providing a sumptious buffet (and excellent coffee) that challenged the diabetics amongst us!

Some advice was given about how to find ‘lost’ photographs known to be on the PC’s hard drive using File Explorer and limiting the scan within a defined date window. Pam Liberson commented on the difficulty in getting local area advice from Currys and John Lewis when they tried to purchase a new printer.

John Hawke proposed a new theme for April 2023 – minimalist photographs. He explained that it was a genre that were pictures with very simple content, e.g. a single tree in a landscape, a single boat on the sea, a single flower in a vase … This meant that the group would have to carefully choose the background to create a mood/impact and to set the object within that environment for optimum composition – use of ‘Rule of Thirds’ would be useful here.