Photography Group February Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 on 12th February with the theme ‘Mood/Atmosphere’.

4 people attended as Mike Liberson had a hospital appointment.

Overall best picture was Rosemary Crumplin’s ‘Halo’.

Halos are a sign of high, thin cirrus clouds drifting 20,000 feet (6 km) or more above our heads. These clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. The halos you see are caused by both refraction, or splitting of light, and also by reflection, or glints of light from these ice crystals. The crystals must be oriented and positioned just so with respect to your eye, for the halo to appear. Rosemary’s photo was taken using her mobile phone – the phenomena is very transient, her husband John Clark was not quite at the same view angle and missed it.

The overall standard of the folios was very high (see Group Web page for individual samples) with different takes on the subject theme. The web page contains two pictures by John Hawke of the same trees that appear as one – a before and after following a recent storm – hence his title ‘Tragedy’.


The March theme is ‘Motion. John Hawke encouraged members to try various techniques such as panning, intentional camera movement, slow exposure, etc to create an impression of movement.

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