Visit to Swanage : Monday 10 June 2024

Visit to Swanage : Monday 10 June 2024


We/I had certain misgivings about the date I’d chosen for our bucket and spade outing on Monday, 10th June with our annual visit to the seaside, this year to Swanage in Dorset.  The forecast was for storms, then rain but things improved when the weather people knew that Anton u3a were on their way down!  The sun shone at times.

Yes, it was quite cool and a bit cloudy but it brightened up later.  Four of our intrepid band decided that they wanted to either visit Corfe Castle or just to ride on the train back to Swanage so we dropped them off and continued our journey to the seaside.  I hasten to add that swimsuits and budgie smugglers were not in evidence!

Liz and I visited the 2 small museums and for such a small place, they had quite a lot of interesting things to report.  Did you know that there were 12 WW2 bombs dropped on the town?  I didn’t.  We also found a nice pub to have our obligatory fish and chips and a pint before making our way to an ice cream shop for the other staple whilst visiting such places!

All in all, Robert did a sterling job of getting his 13 passengers from A to B and return to A safely and timely.  For that we thank him.


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