Photogroup June Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 a.m. on 17th June with the theme ‘Landscapes’ (originally Bleak Landscapes).

5 people attended as Anjie Sargeant was sunning herself in Lake Maggiore.

Overall best picture was John Hawke’s ‘Ghent Industrial Outskirts’ which featured scrap metal and coal heaps – very bleak!

Mike Liberson reported a problem with a malfunctioning SD Card and he had lost some of his best pictures. John Hawke stated that he had a program that recovered files from SD Cards/Hard Disk Drives and offered his services if Mike could supply the card.

John Hawke opened a Digital Camera (July 2024) magazine page that described the Exposure Triangle inter-relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO with great clarity. He also showed a short video of a 15th Century horse-driven automated laundry he recorded at the Netherlands Open-Air Museum (visited last April) – as an example of last month’s theme, ‘Technology’.

Unfortunately Rosemary Crumplin has not recovered from an, as yet, unknown illness and will be absent during the July and August meetings. Anjie Sargeant has volunteered to host in the interim. The Group is now reduced to four – we need new members!

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