Photographic Group July Meeting

The Group met at 10:15 a.m. on 8th July with the theme ‘Frame Within a Frame’.

Only 4 people attended as Rosemary Crumplin had a hospital appointment accompanied by John Clark. With such a small (and even) number, it was inevitable that two photographs received two votes each.

It was decided that both were declared overall best picture. These were Pam Liberson’s ‘St Peter’s Church, Stockbridge’ and Anjie Sargeant’s ‘Tunnel between Hotel Simplon and Hotel Grand Dino, Lake Maggiore’. Both were taken under difficult light conditions.

St. Peter’s Church, Stockbridge – Pam Liberson

Tunnel between Hotel Simplon and Hotel Grand Dino, Lake Maggiore

August’s theme is ‘New/Old Architecture’.

John Hawke stated that he had been asked to talk about aspects of taking wildlife pictures by the Andover U3A Photography Group. The Anton Group asked for a repeat performance! The précis of the talk was as follows:-

Get the right kit – tripod/monopod/ bean bag/filters – take spare batteries!

Familiarise yourself with all that the camera can do:

Use natural/standard settings – not vivid

Shoot RAW + JPEG if you are going to post edit

Use Auto ISO – establish upper limit when noise is too high

Aperture Priority/Shutter Speed Priority

Back button AF

Continuous AF for panning shots

When to use Spot focus/Small area focus (centre-weighted)/Whole area

Burst shooting and Bracketing

Face/Bird Eye recognition – use with caution


Best aperture settings – 2 stops up from widest

Best shutter speed settings – stop shake, freeze action, ‘slow’ for motion

Not just telephoto (25m to infinity setting) – macro lens as normal lens

Leave plenty of room for cropping/composition

Light conditions and effects on exposure and colours

Take advantage of attracting sites – puddles/food/flowers

Study wildlife behaviour – small birds/raptors/predators/interactions

Do not over edit (keep as ‘natural’ as possible) – crop for composition. Use of high contrast as emphasis.

A slide show illustrated some of the above along with some slides depicting simple and effective composition tricks.

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